Bonner Partners in Care Clinic provides health care to residents of Bonner County and adjacent communities who have no medical insurance and meet the clinic’s eligibility criteria.

The clinic, which opened for patients in July 2003, is the result of dedicated community members with a vision, many benefactors and our most important asset: our volunteers who make our missions possible. Physicians, Physician Assistants, nurses and clerical volunteers staff the clinic every Tuesday evening to provide medical services. Numerous other volunteers help with prescription assistance, bookkeeping, clerical duties and supply management. Many of our board members are also volunteers at the clinic as well as work to assure the clinic is run professionally and economically.

Our Vision

All people will have access to basic health care regardless of ability to pay.

A healthy community
is a productive community

By providing basic health care to the uninsured of Bonner County, BPICC helps improve the overall health, vitality and economic climate of North Idaho. The benefits to the community are both long term and widespread. They include:

  • Enhancing the health of children and families without duplicating or creating competition for existing services
  • Reducing the hardships — both physical and financial — suffered by those who avoid treatment until it becomes an emergency
  • Alleviating stress points in the health care delivery system (i.e. emergency visits that could have been prevented with proper routine care or visits that could be handled outside the emergency arena)
  • Improving the economic climate, as well as solving one of the community’s biggest social challenges
  • Helping lower income households remain self-sufficient by assisting them to avoid huge medical bills they cannot afford to pay
  • Helping to avoid large health care costs to taxpayers by managing chronic illness before it becomes catastrophic
  • Providing caring volunteers with an opportunity to reach out to their community and provide needed services

Board of Directors


Bill Litsinger Community Member

Vice President
Erin Binnall BGH Director of Value Based Care


Sheryl Rickard CEO, Bonner General Hospital

Medical Director

Nichole Grimm FNP, BGH Family Practice

Clinic Director

Chryl McCarty

Board Members

Karianne Yarnell RN, Panhandle Health
Scot Auld Schweitzer Human Resource Director
Arlene Spinosa LCSW, Mental Health Counselor
Gina Woodruff LP,  BGH Family Practice
Peg Tuddenham DO, Retired Pediatrician
Jackie Suarez, Realtor
Olivia Luther, Kaniksu Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Our Valued Partners in Care

These partners contribute significantly to the operations of the clinic by providing services at little or no charge. These services directly benefit our patients and assist the clinic in keeping costs at a level our patients can afford. Many of the specialists in the community provide consultations for more complex issues at a significantly reduced rate.

Bonner Partners in Care Clinic is supported by the local community and foundation grants. Area organizations such as the Community Assistance League, Board of Realtors, Kiwanis, Wells Fargo, Avista, The Ambrosiani Foundation, Schweitzer Mountain Resort and Ivano’s Restaurant have supported us each year with generous donations.

North Idaho Crisis (208) 625-4884